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I don't have much spare time so it's important to me that my gym workouts get the best outcome in the shortest time. I have done a lot of research into the more efficient gym routines and have been doing some comparisons on how effectively each routine builds muscle, burns calories and improves my blood pressure. This blog is my way of keeping a track of the different routines I have tried and showing how everybody responds differently to different workout regimes. I hope it will be useful for other people trying to get maximum effect in the minimum time.

2 Essential Activities For Your Christmas Camping Holiday


Like many Australian families, you may be packing up the kids and heading off on a camping trip for Christmas. This is a great way to share quality time together as a family, embrace the great outdoors, and unplug from technology-saturated lives. However, some families may find it challenging to keep children who are used to being passively entertained by game consoles and TVs occupied. Here are two great ideas for camping holiday activities that will keep the kids, and the adults, active and happy during your Christmas camping trip.

1. A cricket set

Camping over the Christmas break may mean that you'll miss out on watching the Boxing Day Test match on your flat screen TV. However, you can create your own cricket championship by making sure that you take along a basic cricket set.

To have your own game of cricket, a pair of wooden wickets, a cricket bat, and a ball are the only things you'll need. These are readily available from your local cricket shop, such as Hawthorn Cricket Centre. Some cricket shops will even sell these items as a package that comes in its own carry bag, making it an easy and convenient activity to take along.

If you have small children, you should also get a smaller and lighter child's cricket bat. You might also prefer to use a tennis ball instead of a hard, leather cricket ball to prevent injuries in the event that the ball hits someone.

2. Fishing rods

Fishing is not only a relaxing and peaceful activity, but it may also provide you with a delicious fresh fish to cook over the campfire. Most campsites will be near to a good fishing spot, whether that be the beach, a river, or a lake. You can usually buy bait locally, which should be suitable for the type of fish that live in the local aquatic habitat.

You won't need an elaborate set-up. A simple all-purpose rod with a standard light-weight line will be suitable for most conditions. A small but well-stocked tackle box will allow you to set up your line with a rig that will suit the bait you use and the fish you're trying to catch.

If you have small children, they may find a small hand-line easier to manage than a rod. Hand lines work very well if you're fishing from a jetty, a bridge, or the river bank.

Both of these activities are great because they will provide hours of entertainment for adults and children alike. They are also economical, as they cost very little to buy and will last you for many more camping holidays in the future.


27 August 2015