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I don't have much spare time so it's important to me that my gym workouts get the best outcome in the shortest time. I have done a lot of research into the more efficient gym routines and have been doing some comparisons on how effectively each routine builds muscle, burns calories and improves my blood pressure. This blog is my way of keeping a track of the different routines I have tried and showing how everybody responds differently to different workout regimes. I hope it will be useful for other people trying to get maximum effect in the minimum time.

Some Important Tips When Buying Your First Pistol or Firearm

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When buying your first pistol or any type of firearm, of course the first thing you need to do is find out the licensing requirements and other legalities in your area. There may be a needed background check and you may not be allowed to have certain types of automatic weapons. Once you've gone through that process and are ready to shop, note a few important tips for choosing your first pistol or firearm.

1. Where will you keep it?

If you're getting a pistol for home defense, note where you'll keep it; if you want it in the nightstand next to the bed, you might not want one that is oversized and won't fit easily with your books, flashlight, and other items you store there. If you'll be carrying the weapon with you, can it fit into your handbag? Does it feel heavy on your waistband clip? Is it always visible over your clothes because of its size, and is this a problem when you head to work or elsewhere? You might not like the idea of a small caliber pistol but something that is more compact than an oversized gun may be easier for storage and for everyday carrying.

2. Are you strong enough to use it?

No matter the type of firearm and caliber, you would do well to practice at a firing range. You might be surprised at the blowback, or the resistance you get from a gun when you pull the trigger. Every time a gun is fired, the explosion of gunpowder that propels the bullet forward can also push the gun back, and it's not unusual to see someone get hit in the head or upper chest from this force when they shoot a larger gun. You need to be strong enough to hold the gun in place as it fires, and larger firearms can actually be too cumbersome for those without the physical strength to fire them safely.

3. Consider ammunition and parts costs and availability

You may be thrilled with the idea of having a certain rare type of pistol, or one that is cheaper than a more popular brand. However, can you find bullets for it very readily? If you love to head out to the firing range every weekend, you might be surprised at how expensive the ammunition is for a rare gun. What about parts such as a firing pin, which may need to be eventually replaced? 

When choosing a gun or firearm of any sort, be sure you price ammunition and replacement parts, and find out their availability as well. After all, a gun is pointless if you can't find ammunition for it or cannot replace worn or defective parts over time.


14 March 2016