Having a fast workout

I don't have much spare time so it's important to me that my gym workouts get the best outcome in the shortest time. I have done a lot of research into the more efficient gym routines and have been doing some comparisons on how effectively each routine builds muscle, burns calories and improves my blood pressure. This blog is my way of keeping a track of the different routines I have tried and showing how everybody responds differently to different workout regimes. I hope it will be useful for other people trying to get maximum effect in the minimum time.

Accessories You Want to Include When Buying a Camper


First-time camper buyers may be overwhelmed by the number of features and items to check when they're ready to buy, including the weight of the trailer, its storage capacity and the like. Along with checking on how a trailer looks overall and if the major electrical lines, water tanks and such items are in good repair, you want to ensure you check on the camper trailer accessories you'll need to operate your trailer properly. Note a few of these here and ensure they're included with the purchase or be ready to buy them separately before your first camping trip.

1. A levelling jack

An attached levelling jack is usually at the front of a trailer and is used to keep it level when on uneven ground. Note that even if you plan on parking your trailer only on cement pads at certain campgrounds, the ground may still be a bit uneven and make your trailer lopsided. The levelling jack is needed to keep it steady so it doesn't tip to one side or another and put too much pressure or weight on an axle. Check if there is a levelling jack included and attached to the trailer. You can buy these separately and use them as you would use jacks under a car, but one that is attached to the trailer is often easier to adjust.

2. Chocks

Chocks are like locks that you put between tires or under tires to keep them in place. When you park your camper at a campground, you need to put chocks under the tires even if you don't detach the camper from your vehicle. The weight of a camper can put stress on your car if it's parked on the slightest incline, and if you do detach your trailer, you may note that it easily rocks or slides out of place without chocks. If chocks are not included in your purchase, be sure you note the size and strength you would need according to the weight of your trailer and the size of the tires.

3. Cover

If your trailer purchase doesn't come with a cover, you'll want to purchase one even if you plan on keeping your trailer in a garage or under a carport. The cover will protect the exterior from damage due to harsh weather conditions and help keep out excess moisture, pests and critters, and the like. Be sure you get a cover that fits your size trailer exactly as it should provide protection for a spare tire that's on the back, the tires under the trailer, and all other areas with nothing exposed.


30 March 2016