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I don't have much spare time so it's important to me that my gym workouts get the best outcome in the shortest time. I have done a lot of research into the more efficient gym routines and have been doing some comparisons on how effectively each routine builds muscle, burns calories and improves my blood pressure. This blog is my way of keeping a track of the different routines I have tried and showing how everybody responds differently to different workout regimes. I hope it will be useful for other people trying to get maximum effect in the minimum time.

Important Questions to Ask Any Potential Fishing Boat Hire

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When going on a fishing holiday, you would probably do well to hire a fishing boat rather than try to navigate unfamiliar waters on your own. Hiring a fishing boat with a captain to steer it will mean being able to sit back and enjoy the fishing rather than worrying about managing the boat, checking the radar and weather, and the like. When you're ready to hire a fishing boat for your next holiday, note a few important questions to ask so you know what's involved in the process overall.

1. Is swimming off the boat allowed? 

Don't assume you can go for a quick dip in the water even if you've paid for a certain time of rental for the boat, as this may not be allowed with a fishing boat. Being in deep, rough waters far from any rescue crews can put you in special dangers when you swim and the charter company may not allow that type of danger with their boats. It may also be a legal requirement that boats have life vests and other rescue equipment if they allow swimming, and not all fishing charters may provide these things. Fishing boats may also be built to have high sides so that passengers are protected from going overboard, and this can make getting on and off the boat impossible. If you want to swim while on the water, ask about this as you may then need to get a special boat and only travel to certain areas of the water.

2. Do they clean your catch?

Once you catch the fish on your fishing charter, how will it be cleaned? You may not be able to do this at your hotel room or cottage, so it's good to ask if the charter company provides this service for you. They may charge you a flat rate to clean any fish you catch that day or charge you per fish, or it may simply be included in the price of the charter. Whatever their arrangement, ask about this so you know it will be done for you.

3. Ask what you should bring along to be comfortable

No matter how warm it may be on the shore, it's almost always wetter and colder on the boat once it reaches the open water; the winds often pick up as you head out and the spray of the water can be quite uncomfortable for some people. Always ask what to bring to be comfortable and what the charter provides, including jackets, blankets, sunscreen, a first aid kit, and the like.


5 April 2016