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I don't have much spare time so it's important to me that my gym workouts get the best outcome in the shortest time. I have done a lot of research into the more efficient gym routines and have been doing some comparisons on how effectively each routine builds muscle, burns calories and improves my blood pressure. This blog is my way of keeping a track of the different routines I have tried and showing how everybody responds differently to different workout regimes. I hope it will be useful for other people trying to get maximum effect in the minimum time.

A synthetic grass tennis court allows you to make the game your own

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Synthetic grass tennis courts are long lasting and can be used in wet conditions. They have a shock-absorbent effect and are gentler on the knees than other hard surfaces. These courts can be tailored to mimic the conditions of different traditional tennis court surfaces.

Clay courts allow for a slower game

A clay court surface allows the ball to bounce easily and high. This means that there is quite a long time between shots and there is ample time to reach the ball. The pace of the game is slow to medium. The French Open is played on clay courts and the games tend to produce relatively long rallies.

Grass courts allow for a faster game

A grass surface on a tennis court produces a fast game. The ball does not bounce very high, so you have to be fit and fast enough to reach it for the next shot. If you enjoy playing at net, then a grass surface will suit your game. The problem with grass surfaces is that they are susceptible to wear and tear fairly easily. A grass court cannot be used for an extended period of time because the grass tends to get worn away in strategic areas. Wimbledon is the home of grass tennis and the games are fast and exciting to watch.

Synthetic grass courts allow for a personalised game

The finish of a synthetic grass court can be specifically designed to meet your needs.

If your aim is to use your tennis court mainly for social tennis games, then you may want your synthetic grass court to be designed to mimic the type of game produced by a clay court. This will allow for games that last longer and that favour baseline play.

You may want to make sure that your tennis court is suitable for younger, fitter players who enjoy a fast-paced game. In this case,  you should make sure that the synthetic grass surface mimics the conditions of a natural grass tennis court. The quick, serve-and-volley games that will be played on this court will be challenging for the players and exciting for those watching.

Perhaps you want a range of people to enjoy a variety of types and paces of tennis games on your court. Your choice here is to make sure that the specifications of the court produce a surface that allows for a game that is somewhere between the slow pace of clay and the quick pace of natural grass. With a synthetic grass surface, you can be assured that these adjustments to the finish of the court can be made.

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22 June 2016