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How To Pull A Wheelie On A Pit Bike

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One skill that most newbie pit bike owners want to master is how to pull a wheelie.  Here's how to do it.

Get Kitted Out First

While you're learning how to pull a wheelie, it's almost inevitable that you will bite the dust at least a few times.  For safety's sake, make sure that you're all kitted out properly in full-length trousers or leathers, knee and elbow pads, boots, and a well-fitting helmet.

How to Pull a Wheelie

Sitting or Standing

Although you can wheelie either standing or sitting, it's best to start off sitting while you are learning and finding your balance. Ultimately, you should aim to wheelie from a standing position.

Standing not only looks more impressive to your friends, it's also actually safer. If you think the bike is going to flip over and you're standing, you can let go of the machine and jump clear.  If you're sitting, you're more likely to end up with the bike landing on top of you in the event of a flip.

Standing to pull a wheelie makes it easier to keep your balance. Push your weight right down into your heels and pull your shoulders back, absorbing concussion and adjusting your balance by keeping your knees soft.

Mastering the Technique

  1. Start in first gear until you're ready to wheelie. Keep your speed low and your revs up.  
  2. Change into second gear and lean your bodyweight towards the back of your seat.  Your bottom should be right to the end of the seat to place your centre of gravity over halfway.  
  3. Using your foot pedals for balance, slowly increase the throttle and feel for the 'sweet spot' of the bike when it is in balance.  
  4. The front wheel should now lift up off the ground.  Concentrate on keeping your balance, rather than going for broke and trying to achieve too much vertical angle.  
  5. Keep up the revs so that the front wheel doesn't drop back down.  
  6. If it feels as though the bike is going to flip over, tap the rear foot brake to lower the front wheel.  
  7. When you are more experienced and able to keep you and the bike in balance, practice changing to a higher gear and increasing your speed.

In summary

Pulling a wheelie on your new pit bike is a skill that you will want to master as soon as possible to impress your mates. If you want to compete in cross country trials, a wheelie can also come in handy when negotiating berms.  


29 December 2016