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Why Should You Think About Picking Up a High Performance Longboard?

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For many surfers, the idea of a 'High Performance Longboard' is something of a contradiction in terms. After all, the longboard is long (obviously), wide, and boasts plenty of volume. That makes them an ideal choice for novice riders who need help catching waves, but the only time a seasoned rider might need one is when the waves are low and slow. If you want high performance, conventional wisdom would suggest that you need to go for a shorter board style.

However, the high performance longboard really does deliver a great blend of manoeuvrability and stability, and you really can use it to ride the waves aggressively.

Faster and more engaging

A high performance longboard will have a flatter bottom than a traditional longboard, or even a concave bottom. It will also have a narrower outline, a larger rocker, and a single central fin with two smaller side bite fins. Starting to see how it straddles the line between traditional longboard and shortboard?

That kind of design means that they can pick up speed far faster than a normal longboard, and you'll also find it easier to work up and down the wave to build up some velocity thanks to the reduction in volume and the smaller fins. Compared to a shortboard, a high performance longboard's narrower nose also means that you can surf more easily in hollow faced waves.

You can even use a high performance longboard to do rodeo flips, make critical turns, and make more daring manoeuvres.

A touch of stability and versatility

Of course, shortboards are also very manoeuvrable and great for picking up speed, and it isn't like they are impossible to use on those hollow faced waves, so why should you buy a high performance longboard?

Well, because a high performance longboard does still provide some of the stability you'd expect from a traditional longboard. It isn't a board for beginners, but those who aren't yet ready to graduate all the way from traditional longboard to shortboard can appreciate having a stepping stone in the form of the high performance longboard. The center fin, for example, will be a bit bigger on a high performance longboard than on a shortboard, so you'll be given slightly more hold.

Of course, the high performance longboard can also be great for the veteran rider. If the waves aren't particularly large or fast on a given day, you can still get some good rides out of them by using a high performance longboard. For more information, contact a business such as Find Sports.


24 February 2017